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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dulaan Contributions

So maybe one post per month will be my knitblog quota, although I would like to do more than that...we'll see. Meanwhile here is the stuff I sent for Dulaan, mailed right at the buzzer to arrive for July 1:
Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten Jacket, made with lots of random Bartlett acquired at the Maine Common Ground Fair several years ago. The sleeves are mismatched because I kept running out of wool, and tried to make it kind of decent despite this, because I just couldn't bring myself to rip. This was my first attempt at zipper installation and I have to say it was much easier than I anticipated. I used the often-linked tutorial at Bonne Marie's site and had no problems at all. I'm excited to use the technique again, as I love a good zippered cardigan. I expect this sweater to fit a kid maybe 5 years old, although I could be way off.
Also this little pile of very warm hats:

Three adult and two child sized. I have to say that I'd always thought charity knitting to be sort of, well, fruitless or something. To take so much time to make just *one* sweater when there are machines that could knit hundreds of sweaters in just as much time...I guess I just didn't get it before. But now I do, and the thought of a little kiddo halfway around the world wearing something that I knit myself with love just warms my heart and I loved doing it. I wish thie revelation had come a bit sooner in the year so I could have made more!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Not quite knitting. But sheep!

Setting up this blog and getting it just how I want is proving a little harder than I'd thought. Mainly because I am simultaneously moving to a new apartment and studying for nursing boards...not my ideal situation. But I do look forward to having an online space to catalogue and share my knitting progress, and I hope it also inspires me to play around some more with my camera. All of this will have to happen in a week or two when my life settles down and I have more time for online tomfoolery.
In the meantime, here is a picture of a sheep. A sheep made of found coral, that is. At an outdoor art exhibit I saw in Key West. There was a whole cutey flock of them. Not the greatest example of my photographic prowess, it was nighttime and I needed my flash. But at least it's wool-related!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A first post attempt

A pair of IK retro ribs for my first post, just to try this out. Made these while on vacation in Maine last summer. Patons Kroy in grass, scored for cheaps on ebay. Maybe not my favorite sock yarn ~ kinda scratchy even after multiple Eucalan washes. But I love love this pattern!